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Monday, October 25, 2010

[PHOTOS] 2007 Yuma w/ Top Kids Various Magazine

[PHOTOS] 070701 Yuma - In Top Kids @ Shounen Club

He's like 13 here and his Voice is really Big and all, hehehe he's such a cutie Oh Man he's so Big now and its only like 3 years now but 2008 was Koishite Akuma in a year Span!!

Credits:JJportia12 & http://nakayamayuma.blogspot.com/

Sunday, October 24, 2010

We're back and Running!

OMG! I was Gone for almost a Year! But I Never forgot about Yuma, I Hope everyone is still the same, He Grew up right! He's so HOT!

I missed a lot but I'm trying to catch up now!

Made a new layout for this site, I learned some stuff while i was gone~ hehehe

I love this Performance of Yuma w/ Hey Say West
He is so so so so Sexy and He improved in dancing and singing

Matta Nee~